Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Lab report guidelines

Bioprospecting for antimicrobials MBB265

Key format guidelines

  • Include your: name, U Card number and the date (also identify    your colleagues in your group) 
  • Summary/Abstract (50% A4) 
  • Conclusion and future suggestions (50% A4) 
  • Detailed diagram of protocol and results (A4 page) 
  • Submission date Monday 15th May (before 16.00)

The Abstract should capture the whole experiment, background, experimental, results and conclusion, in general terms. You may refer to your figure (although this isn’t usual in abstracts, it is fine here) [25% marks]

The Conclusion should summarise your key finding(s) and suggest further work or ways in which you might overcome any failures in the experiment [25% marks]

The Diagram can be hand drawn, may contain photographs, but should capture the essential stages of the work from start to finish. Importantly, it must be accompanied by a detailed legend and labels as appropriate [50% marks]

The sample figure below has a detailed legend, but it also needs a title?


Microcin C induces persistence in growing Escherichia coli cultures.
A. Growth curves of MG1655 (wt) strain after McC treatment. An overnight culture was diluted 100
fold in LB and growth was allowed to continue at 37°C. When OD600 reached 0.5 the indicated concentrations of McC were added to culture aliquots and further growth was monitored by following OD600 at indicated time points.
B. As in А, but showing the number of colony forming units (CFUs) on LB agar plates at various time points after the McC addition.
C. An example of killing curves obtained after ciprofloxacin (Cfx) treatment of MG1655 (wt) culture with or without McC (1.5 μM). Cultures were grown as in A. After 30 min incubation with McC, 1 mg/l Cfx was added. The incubation was continued and culture aliquots were removed at various time points followed by CFUs determination. Mean values and standard deviation obtained from three independent experiments are shown.
D. For each killing curve obtained with or without McC, percentage of surviving cells (for details see Experimental Procedures) after 4
h incubation in the presence of Cfx (see panel C) was calculated. Error bars show standard deviations of mean values of at least 3 independent experiments.

A couple of ideas for figures are given below 

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